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About Our Wood Pellets
More Absorbent
They absorb up to three times their own weight in liquid.
In the manufacturing process the wood is heated to very high temperatures, sterilising the product.
Saves Time & Cost
Wet patches can easily be removed not wasting bedding unnecessarily. Wood pellets vs shaving are cheaper and the 15Kg bags are more manageable than shavings.

wood pellets are often cheaper than other forms of heating.
The CO2 emitted when the wood pellets are burned is the same as the amount that was absorbed when the tree was growing.
Low Maintenance
Wood pellets create very little ash. Less than 1% of fuel volume. This is due to the manufacturing process and the removal of bark when the pellet is made.
Pellets are easy to control automatically and boilers operate in a similar way to oil and gas boilers. Our pellets have a high calorific value and extremely low moisture content.